Services | Photo Recovery

If you accidentally deleted photos from your camera, or if a glitch in your camera or with your memory card caused all your photos to disappear, don’t completely freak out until you give us a call. We are very often able to recover most or all images from your camera’s memory card. If we can’t recover anything, you only pay shipping. Otherwise, our pricing is based on memory card size, as follows (add $5 for return shipping):

  • 1 GB or less: $25
  • 2-4 GB: $65
  • 4-8 GB: $75
  • 8-16 GB: $125
  • Over 16GB: $150

In order to ensure maximum recovery, stop using your card as soon as you realize you’ve missed photos. If you formatted the card, we may still be able to recover photos if the card has not been written over.